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2006 Fairs - On top left is PVF Nestle, me on the left and my friend Mindy who showed Pleasantview's Little Nestle and PVF Lil Blue Angel for me. I took Circle S Stroke of Ace in his classes.  This is the first year ever that we had the privilege of having a Grand Champion.  Mindy showed Nestle in his Aged Gelding class, which out of two judges, he took first and fourth.  He won a championship.  We thought we were done, we were waiting for the Color Class.  However, we didn't know that Nestle was to be in the Grand Champion Class.  I was thrilled to see Nestle and Mindy set up, they were perfect.  The Judge thought so too, Nestle received one Grand Champion.  Then Nestle went into color class and won again, both judges. PVF Lil Blue Angel was also a hit at the horse show, she was so tiny and cute.  In her Halter class, she took second out of 15 fillies.  Then Mindy took her thru Color Class, and she took first.  Very nice for a first show.
 Circle S Stroke of Ace in Aged Stallion class took 5 and 6 place.  In color Class he took 5.

  PVF's Lil Blue Angel (Barn name Jet)

Hello, first of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit this page.  I would also like to tell you a little about our operation.

I purchased my first miniature horse in 1996. She was an adorable little paint about 4 months old.  She wore a halter that "almost" fit.   Therefore, I started my quest to find a halter that would fit my baby.

I looked at the local farm stores and found pony halters - they were way too big. Then I went to tack and specialty shops. I found an adult halter that would have fit her mother, had I owned her. But to my dismay, I  could not find a halter that would work for a weanling. I finally run across a fellow who would make them special for me but I did keep looking for other suppliers, needless to say why.  I found that although the Amish community was very polite and made halters I still wasn't satisfied as they had only a few colors to choose from - I wanted more of a variety of product and color.

So, I found a machine and nylon supplier and I decided to try on my own.   Since I knew how to sew, I was confident that I could do at least as well as all the people whose products I had rejected.  And I was right! I made my first halter, and my second before I finally completed some sizes I was satisfied with.

Then I branched out to my horse friends - they like my halters too.   One of my best friends had Llamas and wondered if I could make something that would work on them.  I did - I now have six sizes of llama halters.  Then another friend had a zebra,  then a reindeer, then a donkey and then a goat. Also, one of my best friends has a large pony that she could not cannot keep a halter on, until now.  I also have a friend with Arabians with delicate muzzles, I have them well fitted now too.

So you can see - this business has gone from alpacas to zebras.  If you can measure it, I can make a halter for it.  Thanks for taking the time to read "our story" and hope you enjoy some of our extra photos - they were just too cute to toss out.  





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