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We are extremely proud of the wonderful bloodlines that we have and look forward to continuing to produce top quality minis.  2009 was a great year for check back to see what's new in our barn!

 PVF Toys Golden Firecracker    AMHA/AMHR 2009 

I am so excited to introduce you to our first PVF foal of 2009 - Firecracker!  And what a firecracker he is!  Of course he is a stud colt; but WOW... what a stud colt.  I am pleased.  His sire is a double Mickey Mouse bred horse, crossed with our Jet's dam.  Needless to say, he is for sale.  I probably should have waited for him to unfold, the first pics are of him at two hours old; the one to the left is from the Iowa State Fair in August 2009.  (He MAY be For Sale... ask Maureen about Firecracker)         his Pedigree


PVF Golden Phoenix  AMHA/AMHR  7/13/2009  $1800

Here's a poser for you... what color is she???  That is the $1M question!  She has blue eyes - she was creamy enough to be called buckskin...then we clipped her and POOF! was gone.  If you look closely - especially visible by the eyes - you can see that golden color shining through her dark coat.  So golden, buckskin, ??  we don't know...but she doesn't have even 1 white hair on her.    If you know what color to call her or have a suggestion - let me know!!!


GMB bred filly and WHAT A FILLY SHE IS too.  She has got legs, top line, tail set, head, personality, quality to burn, then
add her little tail flagging when she trots.  She will be weaned in November.  Get your deposit down on her before she gets snapped up.            take a look at her pedigree

PVF Splendors Royal Little Booger    AMHA/AMHR   2009 black colt
 Sire:  Circle S Razs Splendor in the Grass x  Dam: Woodland Acres Wish Upon a Star
Wow wow wow, is all I could say when I saw this little boy stand up for the first time.  Look at that head, topline, tailset, legs.  Yep, I am very pleased with this one.  OH, should we talk about attitude, how do you think I came up with that name???
He is so nice, I am tempted to keep this one.  Check out his pedigree...its just fantastic.  He was too young to show this year, so next spring watch out for my "Little Booger". 


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