Pedigree for PVF Splendors Royal Little Booger

                                                            Bar Ls Bright Beginning  A 59584
                                        Circle S Bright Rax Ma Taz  A 126479
                                                            Wildnwollys Sweet Lips A 52359
                    Circle S Razs Splendor in the Grass
                                                            Arrowbrook Rocky  I 00451B
                                        Ozs Tiffany  A 48152
                                                            Ruby of Oz  I 00927
PVF Splendors Royal Little Booger
                                                            Little Kings Buck Echo    92603A
                                        Marystown Ultimate Echo   212447A
                                                            Deiles Noisemaker   104472A
                    Woodland Acres Wish Upon A Star
                                                            Brewers Classic Contender   41170A
                                        Flabys Classic Chantilly Lace  64219A
                                                            Flabys Pandora    60003A

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