Pleasant View Farm Miniature Horses and Mini-Tack

Pedigree for Circle S Stroke of Ace (Joker)

                                                            Riems Stumper           31332
                                        Crazy Horses Lonesome Dove
                                                            4 GS Apache Speckled Dove 37950
                    Circle S Aces High DNA A93035 100488A
                                                            Soats Lil KD
                                        Circle S Midge  A15766  90224A
Circle S Stroke of Ace   (Joker) 
                                                            Hemlock Brooks Silver Legend   999
                                        Hemlock Brooks Legends Legacy dna
                                                            Hemlock Brooks Buttons N Bows   998
                    Houcks Hemlock Brooks Jeanette  dna
                                                            Mike O Shay
                                        Bruces Little One blood typed A&R
                                                            Miss Mary 

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