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Stable and Show Halters

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Notice the difference in hardware.  On the custom made halters I sew all the halters personally and I take great pride in my work.  I am also a dealer for Triple L Minitack products and BKM Designs.  If you can't find what you are looking for, drop me an email and I'll work with you to get you a product to meet your needs.  

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Here's what one of my customers says about my halters:
    "The image I've attached is of my 4-month old weanling, Reo. He is wearing your halter. You said it would fit a large weanling or small yearling, and I wanted you to know you were right. There is still plenty of room for adjustment, so I expect it to last for several more months...I was thrilled at the quality of your halters and enjoyed doing business with you on eBay."   
    Tracy & Sarah (primary care giver) of Winthrop, Maine



Colors available:  Black, Red, Royal Blue, Hunter Green, Hot Pink, Purple, Turquoise, Burgundy, and Navy.  Your preferred color not here?   Contact us to see if we can procure it.

Prices are subject to change - Click on picture to see enlarged image

Stable Halters
Style, Description and Price (each by size).  Order by PVF#, color and specific size.  Example: PVF#1000S, Burgundy, Extra Small
Square Non-Adjustable sq non adj halter

Non-adjustable with square 5/8" nylon


PVF#100S Extra Small & Small Foal $7.50
PVF#100M Medium $8.50
PVF#100AL Adult Small, Average & Large $9.00


Square Adjustablesquare adj halter

Adjustable with square 5/8" nylon


PVF#200S Ultra Small, Extra Small, Small Foal $8.50
PVF#200M Medium $8.50
PVF#200L Adult Small $9.50
PVF#200AL Adult Average & Adult Large $10.50
3 side Non-Adjustable3 side non adj halter

Non-adjustable with 3-sided halter square 5/8" nylon


PVF#300S Extra Small & Small Foal $8.50
PVF#300M Medium $9.50
PVF#300AL Adult Small, Average & Large $10.50
3 side Adjustable3 side adj halter

Adjustable with 3-sided halter square 5/8" nylon


PVF#400US Ultra Small $9.00
PVF#400S Extra Small & Small Foal $10.00
PVF#400M Medium  $11.00
PVF#400AS Adult Small $11.00
PVF#400AL Adult Average - Large $12.00
Show Halters
Style, Description and Price (each by size and options)

Order by PVF#, color of nosebands and beads if applicable and size (measured 7" x 22" or Small, Medium or Large) .  Example: PVF#5010, Gold nose, Mix sides, 7" x 22"  (Measuring instructions at bottom of page)

Show halters come complete with a chin chain, keeper and bio lead. To purchase separate components please call for pricing.

The Genie Cable Halter

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PVF#5002 Cable Halter $75

Simply elegant cable halter! Available in Gold or Silver with teal, red or purple colored beads.

The Empress II with Bar, Cable or Patent Nose

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PVF#5010 Bar Nose $114
PVF#5010C Cable Nose $90
PVF#5010P Patent Nose $117

Filigree beads surround a single tube bead to give an elegant look. Gold, Silver or Mix sides and Matching Bar.

Prince with Bar or Cable Nose

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PVF#5013 Bar Nose $110
PVF#5013C Cable Nose $88

Three filigree beads provide an understated princely look.  Mixed filigree beads with cable nose or bar nose.

Royal Filigree with Bar or Cable Nose

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PVF#5014 Bar Nose $120
PVF#5014C Cable Nose $100

Pairs of filigree beads create a sophisticated look. Available in Gold, Silver or Mixed Cheeks

Tanzar Cable Halter


PVF#5020 Black cable halter with colored patent noseband*  $113


Additional patent nosebands $41


Simplicity at it's best! Available in Red, Blue, Black, Burgundy, Gold and Silver.  Sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

* Nosebands are interchangeable so you can order more than one color to be able to create a slightly different look.

The Czar with or without beaded cheeks

5021F.jpg    5021fa.jpg

PVF#5021 Black cable with patent noseband $117
PVF#5028 Black cable, patent noseband* and beaded cheeks $127


Additional patent nosebands $41

A classic beauty! The gold or silver trim creates an expensive look for a reasonable price. Black cable sides with patent noseband. Add beaded sides to this halter for a more sophisticated look  Available in Red, Blue, Black, Burgundy, Gold and Silver.  Sizes: Small, Medium and Large. 

* Nosebands are interchangeable so you can order more than one color to be able to create a slightly different look.

The Savannah


PVF#5022 Unique black cable halter with patent noseband.  Set off with a beautiful silver scroll bar.  $90

Understated elegance!  Available in Black or Burgundy Patent, Gold or Silver Bar. Sizes: Small, Medium and Large


Stable Halter Sizes:  Ultra small (tiny babies), X-Small (newborns), Small (sucklings-weanlings), Medium (weanlings-yearlings), Small Adult (yearling-delicate adults), Average Adult (average), Large Adult (will fit the heavier cheeked horse).

Show Halter Sizing (To measure for Rolled Leather and Cable Halters):
Start by measuring from over the nose from the cheekbone to the cheekbone.  The cheekbone is up from the corner of the mouth about 2"-3".  This measurement would be where you would want the rings to lay.  Then measure from the center of the cheekbone over the poll (behind the ears) to the center of the other cheekbone.  An example of a size would be 7"x22".

Other halter accessories, conchos, extra chin chains, additional leads made of leather or bio can be ordered as well. Check out the full line of products available through Pleasant View Farm (PVF) at www.triplelminitack.com.  Call (563) 252-1296 or email us for availability and prices.

Looking for other halters, say for your goat or llama?   If so, click here:  Exotic Halters Link.  How about other tack needs?  If so, click here: Other tack needs.

        Contact PVF Mini Tack at halters@alpinecom.net or phone 563-252-1296 for your Halters.cherlead.gif

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Purchases, including additional shipping and handling costs, are negotiated through email at halters@alpinecom.net and can be completed through PayPal.

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